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Our latest project: Mana, Manchester – from dream to reality


We’re known for designing spaces that enhance life.
 We’re also known for designing things that improve life.
 Spaces and things designed to evoke feelings of comfort, confidence, joy, and pride…

We design experiences.


Interior architecture can be defined as “balancing the art and science of designing a space,
 taking into account all elements of a project”.

This is where we excel and this is what we love.


We’re giving our website a fresh lick of paint. 
Call or email us to explore opportunities and discuss commissions. 
We’d love to hear from you.

Featured Project

Could Mana be Manchester’s most beautiful restaurant?

We think so.

Mana is based in Ancoats, the ‘new Northern Quarter’ of Manchester. And it is a restaurant is aspiring to become a global destination. Mana is the brainchild of chef Simon Martin, who has traversed the North Sea from two Michelin-starred Danish restaurant Noma, in Copenhagan.


noun ma·na \ ˈmä-nə

The power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person

It is the power of Mana’s elemental forces of nature, and the trust of his client, that has thrust James Roberts Design into the interior architectural limelight.

The Manchester Evening News ran a story, even before the restaurant opened. It boldly asked “First look at Mana in Ancoats – is this Manchester’s most beautiful restaurant? (11 October 2018). You couldn’t pay for a headline like that.

So it is no wonder the journalist felt compelled to give Mana, and by default, James Roberts Design, such praise. The interior is stunning. And Mana’s elemental forces of nature are breathtakingly evident.

The meandering curve of the windows, floor-to-ceiling voile curtains, the aromatic herb wall. The beams of glowing energy sluicing down from the cavernous ceiling. Chef Simon Martin’s passion for local, wild produce. This space percolates nature, and most importantly, coveys Mana’s mission to:

“…showcase the best of our islands produce at any given time of the year.

Through travel and research, we rediscover our land and our waters, in an attempt to establish a new and delicious identity for the British kitchen…”

James Roberts

James brings a unique blend of creative and engineering 
expertise to JRD. He elegantly translates exactly 
what you need, into beautiful spaces you want.

Director and designer, James Roberts is based in Cheshire, and boasts a wide range of commercial and residential clients across the UK. James Roberts Design is a full service design business, taking on exciting commissions and creative spaces of all types.

With a degree in Engineering and as an MA graduate of the Royal College of Art, James is able to epitomise the definition of architectural design; he skillfully balances the art and science of designing spaces.